The early Microman/Micronauts vehicles of the 1970's were really more like interchangeable parts-formers instead of Transformers. Biotron and Microtron were cool looking of course, but it wasn't until the Micro-Change and Diaclone lines of the early '80s that we really got transforming robots from that particular… » 6/02/14 12:09am 6/02/14 12:09am

I'm very glad you only went by Pixar shorts that have their own unique material and not those based on their movie franchises. It always irks me a bit to see shorts like "Mike's New Car" (based on Monsters Inc) lumped in with the more creative stand-alone Pixar shorts. » 5/29/14 3:11pm 5/29/14 3:11pm

There is indeed a comfortable place one can exist between personally not believing there's a big, maybe-invisible, maybe-bearded guy out there creating stuff, making rules, and demanding worship, and personally allowing for the possibility that maybe there could be some kind of currently incomprehensible greater… » 5/29/14 11:41am 5/29/14 11:41am