I think the main point of this story isn't how far she may or may not have went along with the handjob maneuver, but the fact that Cosby allegedly tried to get her to slug down a suspiciously stiff drink as part of her "private audition". This fits with his apparent modus operandi we keep hearing about. » 11/21/14 9:08am Friday 9:08am

Pardon my cynicism, but I'm afraid that the very fact that this guy has the financial means to hire proposal planners probably translates into the result that his girlfriend was willing to look past the inherent cruelty in the proposal method and say "yes" regardless. » 11/13/14 9:10am 11/13/14 9:10am

Agreed on almost every point. I love Capaldi as the Doctor, but the ludicrous plots (the Moon is an egg! the whole universe is scared of monsters under the bed!) and the forced hyper-emotional concern we are supposed to feel for the Clara/Danny pairing have been insufferable elements this season. NuWho has always had… » 11/09/14 6:32am 11/09/14 6:32am

When Carol covered herself with guts to go in "zombie drag", I was so happy to see someone finally remember that was a thing that actually worked way back in season one and needed to be used again. Carol single-handedly undid a lot of stupidity we've had to suffer through in recent seasons. » 10/13/14 8:55am 10/13/14 8:55am

Yes, there's a definite danger of falling into the same trap that Star Trek: Enterprise did in trying to establish an early version of a much-beloved universe before all the cool stuff happened and then screwing up the concept by forcing all the familiar elements into a timeline where they don't belong. » 9/23/14 6:23am 9/23/14 6:23am

As a part-time extra, I've been an "alpha" or "hero" walker several times on The Walking Dead. It's a lot of fun, if you can stand the 95 degree Georgia summer heat in full zombie makeup and don't mind standing around doing nothing for long periods of time. These days the hero zombies seem to be a lot more emaciated… » 9/11/14 9:22am 9/11/14 9:22am